Real Time Response-Tools

RTR tools evaluate various media content

– commercials, TV content, product presentations, videos, radio –
in detail with regard to their dynamics of effects.

Users continuously evaluate the content using a slider:
Is it convincing? exciting? well done? likable? etc.

Measuring in real time

Especially when it comes to the detailed assessment of television or radio broadcasts, classical surveys have deficits. In a retrospective survey, the participants often forgot many details of what they had seen, but these are particularly interesting for producers, broadcasters or marketers. It is true that special passages can be discussed in group discussions after viewing or listening.

However, through the temporal distance, the social situation in the conversation, or particularly prominent passages (distracting from the rest of the content), the memory of perception at the time of reception can be distorted.

Mobile RTR (real-time response) tools enable ratings to be administered at any location, and the results are immediately available online.

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Dynamics of media impact

Media reception is never static, it is rather a dynamic process in which viewers, listeners or readers constantly make judgements, and thus change always takes place. RTR enables the observation and analysis of this process and shows where changes in the positive or negative direction occur and which passages trigger reactions in the recipient. Follow the dynamics of your performance!