Provider & Developer of RTR Tools

… Fahr | Forschung & Analyse

… is a research service provider with many years of experience and expertise in process measurement. Studies on media exposure in the course and the development of the first RTR tools have been developed as part of academic research. The RTR technology was further developed in cooperation with market research and media companies, brought up to the latest state of the art in cooperation with SoSciSurvey and the DCMlab of the University of Fribourg (CH), and tailor-made according to application requirements.

In addition to technical challenges, we have always questioned the methodological aspects of process measurement, researched them, introduced them into study designs and presented them in a series of publications and lectures.

Method Development
...always has to keep moving. The tools must have their finger on the pulse of the times and be up to the technical 'state of the art'. Continuous development and improvement is thus always on the agenda for RTR tools. To achieve this, we work together with experts from science and practice to optimize the tools.